Merge Two PDF Files – One Of Them Is A Signed File

While I was working with PDF files, I found that the generic code that combines/merges two PDF files fails if one of the PDF file is a Signed Document. I have took the site, code and tested.

Please note that the code works in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (not Adobe Reader DC). You need to test in the previous versions of Adobe Acrobat.

Here is the code that I modified:

Private Function MergePDFs(SourceFileOne As String, SourceFileTwo As String, SaveAsFilename As String) As Boolean
    '   Function/Procedure Name :   MergePDFs
    '                               Variable Name(s)    Data Type   Description
    '   Variable(s)             :   SourceFileOne       String      PDF Filename Along With Full Path (Source #1 - Signed PDF Document)
    '                               SourceFileTwo       String      PDF Filename Along With Full Path (Source #2)
    '                               SaveAsFilename      String      PDF Filename Along With Full Path To Save (Target)
    '   Return Value            :   Boolean
    '   Description             :   This Function/Procedure merges two PDF files into
    '                               one file and save it at a location set/given by the user.
    '                               Returns True if the merge is successful.
    '                               Returns False if the merge is not successful.
    '   Requirements            :   Requires Adobe Acrobat DC (Not Acrobat Reader DC) Application/Software.
    Dim objAdobeAcrobat As Object
    Dim objPDFDocumentOne As Object
    Dim objPDFDocumentTwo As Object
    On Error GoTo NoAcrobat
    'Initialize the Adobe Acrobat objects
    Set objAdobeAcrobat = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")          'Adobe Acrobat Application
    Set objPDFDocumentOne = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")      'Destination File
    Set objPDFDocumentTwo = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")      'Source File
    'Open PDF Document Two
    Call objPDFDocumentTwo.Open(SourceFileTwo)
    'Open PDF Document One
    Call objPDFDocumentOne.Open(SourceFileOne)
    'Merge PDF Document One Into PDF Document Two
    If objPDFDocumentTwo.InsertPages((objPDFDocumentTwo.GetNumPages - 1), _
        objPDFDocumentOne, 0, objPDFDocumentOne.GetNumPages, 0) Then
        MergePDFs = True
    End If
    'Save PDF Document Two With A New Filename
    Call objPDFDocumentTwo.Save(1, SaveAsFilename)
    On Error GoTo 0
    Set objPDFDocumentTwo = Nothing
    Set objPDFDocumentOne = Nothing
    Set objAdobeAcrobat = Nothing

End Function